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Permanent Makeup & Microblading Removal

Boleyn Studio provides non-laser removal services for unwanted permanent makeup, including emergency removal, offering a variety of removal solutions such as saline, zinc-based, and glycolic acid solutions. If you're unsure, our technician will assess and recommend the best solution during your appointment to suit your removal needs.

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How Does It Work?


We apply a numbing cream to minimize discomfort.


We apply the tattoo removal solution to the targeted area.


This solution will form a scab over the application area, which naturally falls off as the skin heals.


During the healing process, the unwanted pigment adheres to the scab and is effectively drawn out as the scab naturally detaches.

The healing process takes about 7-10 days.
The treatment can be repeated every 4 weeks if necessary to remove any remaining pigment.

With Laser Treatmement

The tattoo ink is absorbed into the body
Effectiveness is restricted by color and depth of ink in the skin
Major risks of burning, hypertrophic scarring, keloid and permanent hair loss.
Can turn ink to unwanted color such as orange, red or green.
Is not as effective on microblading because of scaring that was created by microblading tool.
Not suitable for dark skin.
Tattooing skin after it has been lasered is often unsuccessful due to scar tissue and alteration to the skin by laser.
Requires 8 to 12 weeks at least between each session.
Not safe around eyes and on lips.
Very painful

Non Laser Tattoo Removal

The tattoo ink is lifted up through the surface of the skin.
Works on all colors and is not restricted by depth.
Safe for skin and hair follicles.
Doesn’t turn ink to unwanted colors.
Effective on microblading - can pull pigment out of the scar tissue. And can make scar smoother and less noticeable.
Suitable for clients with darker skin tones.
Client can get microblading or re do permanent makeup again after the removal.
Requires 4 weeks between each session.
Can be used around the eyes and on lips.
More comfortable


Things You Need To Know After Your Treatment

Keep the treated area clean and open to air.

Avoid submerging the treated area in water; you may shower normally, but try to shield the area from direct shower spray as best as possible. Our aim is to maintain the area's dryness until all scabs have naturally shed.

Do not disrupt the scabbing process (no picking, scratching, etc.) All scabbing needs to fall off naturally.

After all scabs have naturally come off, apply Vitamin E Oil twice daily for at least four weeks.

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Who Should Avoid Non Laser Tattoo Removal

Those under 18 years of age
Active skin cancer on the treated area
Pregnant and lactating wome
People with glaucoma
Are a hemophiliac
Those with allergies to alcohol or numbing agents
Those prone to keloids or post-inflammatory hypopigmentation
Have healing disorders, uncontrolled high blood pressure or had mitral valve Disorder
Those with transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis
Pregnant and lactating women
Patients undergoing chemotherapy. We would require a doctor’s note in order to perform the procedure for anyone undergoing chemotherapy
People with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the site that is to be treated
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If you need further information about our Non Laser Tattoo Removal, reach out to our knowledgeable team. We are here to provide you with all the answers and guidance you need.

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