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Endosphere Treatment

Endosphere therapy, an FDA-registered treatment, utilizes Compressive Microvibration for comprehensive whole-body wellness, targeting the underlying causes of issues. Its innovative approach tackles both body and facial imperfections, promoting enhanced blood circulation, oxygenation, and improved lymphatic drainage.

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How Does It Work?

In our treatments, we utilize a roller device with 55 silicon spheres that generate low-frequency mechanical vibrations. This device enhances overall body function, aids in injury prevention by reducing pain and inflammation, improves circulation, enhances lymphatic drainage, strengthens immune function, reduces fibrous tissue, and enhances muscle tone. You have the flexibility to use this treatment on your entire body, allowing you to focus on specific areas you wish to improve.

Pain Relief

This treatment stimulates mechanoreceptors and works on inflammation. In addition, this treatment also releases endorphins which help in the relief of pain.

Lymphatic Drainage

Eliminates lymphatic liquids in excess, flushes out toxins, and produces anti-inflammatory effects creating a pumping effect on the lymphatic system.


Improves microcirculation in the treatment area, which has a restorative effect on the vascular system. This increase in microcirculation increases metabolism which helps improve the exchange between the vascular and lymphatic systems.

Body Contouring

Uses the muscle as active resistance. The wave of localized vibration breaks down fibrocieptors which allows for compression and stimulation in fatty areas.

Body Treatment

This therapy targets specific body areas for improvement, addressing muscle toning, rejuvenation, reducing cellulite, eliminating fat pockets, firming legs and buttocks, and reshaping breasts. The outcome is smoother, firmer, youthful skin and appearance.
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Face Treatment

Therapy boosts collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production to refresh sagging or dull complexions. invigorates skin by enhancing oxygenation, restoring a healthy glow. Treatment tones facial muscles, relaxes expression lines, combats sagging, reduces wrinkles, evens complexion, addresses dark circles.
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If you need further information about our Endosphere Therapy, reach out to our knowledgeable team. We are here to provide you with all the answers and guidance you need.

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Endosphere Treatment

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